With success comes opportunity. With opportunity comes the challenges of growth.

All successful companies reach a point where they need to level up. Whether you’re a small startup trying to mature your product strategy and development disciplines, a thriving juggernaut trying to make sense of all your opportunities, or a company simply trying to innovate, scale and grow intelligently…SurgePath can help.

We help companies surge to the next level through…


“Focusing is about saying No”
-Steve Jobs

What’s your identity as a business? What are you better at than anyone else? What area of the market do you own? Is your focus rooted in solving the market’s biggest pain points? Without this foundation for your strategy and execution, growing your business to the next level will be extremely difficult. SurgePath can help you:

  • Define your most valuable, distinct competencies and assets
  • Develop your unique value proposition and positioning
  • Identify your target market(s) and segment(s)
  • Create a company-wide strategic product focus and vision
  • Set top level product goals that make sense for the business


“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”

Where are you going? Are you committed to pursuing the best product opportunities for your business in a sea of possibilities? Do you have difficulties aligning and committing to strategic product plans? Without an efficient way to prioritize market opportunities and a sound product strategy, precious team bandwidth quickly goes to waste. SurgePath can help you:

  • Discover and prioritize top market opportunities
  • Formalize your Product organization and hire strategic Product Managers
  • Organize individual product teams around opportunity areas
  • Craft strategic product plans and roadmaps
  • Create data driven, scalable frameworks for strategic planning


“The best way to predict the future is to invent it”
-Alan Kay

Are you getting out innovated by your competition? Are you in the mode of pushing innovation from the top down? Are you struggling to effectively harness the many external feedback channels that fuel product innovation? One of the keys to making that next leap as a business is constant innovation. SurgePath can help you:

  • Integrate external market feedback into the innovation process
  • Conduct and leverage user interviews and feedback sessions
  • Utilize survey strategies to inform market discovery
  • Establish a culture of organic innovation within product teams
  • Implement rapid prototyping to fuel innovation


“A vision without execution is a hallucination”
-Jeffrey E. Garten

Are you fully leveraging your growing and talented teams? Do you have efficient and scalable execution processes? Are your teams engaged and passionate about their missions? As your company grows, it becomes very difficult to maintain efficient execution, innovation and grow trust in your teams. As this starts to get away from you, so does your market edge. SurgePath can help you:

  • Create scalable, agile frameworks for product development
  • Increase product iteration and delivery velocity
  • Move towards the “Minimum Loveable Product” mindset
  • Optimize team dynamics and roles for optimal performance


“What gets measured, gets managed”
-Peter Drucker

How do you know if you’re achieving desired results? Are you slowly succeeding or slowly failing? Do the teams have a clear scoreboard that guides their day-to-day decision making? As a growing business with limited resources, it’s vital that everyone has the same definition of success and that you’re constantly assessing results and making course corrections as needed. SurgePath can help you:

  • Align teams around goals and missions
  • Define, track and measure success
  • Create team scoreboards
  • Engage the entire company in success optimization


“The last 10% it takes to launch something takes as much energy as the first 90%”
-Rob Kalin

Do you have an effective and repeatable way to bring new innovations to market? Are you releasing new features to lukewarm reception and poor initial adoption? Are your customers prepared to leverage the new value? As your company grows and velocity of innovation increases, you’ll need a solid framework for repeatedly bringing new product value to your customers. SurgePath can help you:

  • Establish formal, scalable Go-To-Market programs
  • Prepare the internal organization for new product releases
  • Leverage strategic pre-release beta programs
  • Utilize user feedback strategies for pre / post-release refinements
  • Optimize external marketing channels

So, how do we work with you? Example roles we can fill include…

Product Auditor

Do you feel like you need help but don’t exactly know where? We’ll spend time with you onsite to assess and offer improvement recommendations across your current product focus, strategy, innovation, execution and marketing disciplines.

Product Management Shepherd

For small but growing companies, we’ll partner with you to assess, plan and implement critical product strategy, execution and management disciplines within the company, and help assemble the team for long term ownership.

Investor Pitch Coach

For start-ups that are in the process of seeking additional investor funding, we’ll provide guidance and coaching to ensure that your investor pitch is as compelling, impactful and successful as possible.

Strategic Counselor

For any company in need of product strategy guidance, we’ll partner with your leadership team to organize a focused, goal oriented and well thought out product strategy that leverages your best market opportunities and the distinct competencies of the company.

Opportunity Evaluator

For companies having challenges with identifying their best opportunities, we’ll help you to establish scalable frameworks for identifying, assessing and prioritizing emerging market opportunities and ongoing product innovation opportunities.

Product / Market Outfitter

For any company trying to establish an optimal product / market fit for a current market problem, we’ll help you uncover a solution that will be most impactful to your target customers.

Scoreboard Creator

For companies that need more frequent indicators of ongoing product success to drive more strategic innovation decisions, we’ll partner with you to identify key performance indicators and a success measurement framework for assessing and managing ongoing product success.

Product Missionary

For any company in need of short-term senior level product guidance, we can fill product management stop-gaps for specific product missions related to growth.